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    I. Personal mood

    The summer holiday is coming to the end of the game's blockbuster crash month, and the 14th day of the sale of "Dark Blood 2" and "Blood rogue" opened the prelude to this hot August. Two blockbuster titles released on the same day let players decide whether or not!

    Fortunately, "Dark Descent 2" the first time to break sister let me make the right choice. Because before THQ made a storm to close down coupled with the sulfuric acid face of Valhalla and THQ's break, people have to worry about how THQ's way down, but the worst thing did not happen.

    We not only successfully played on the "Dark blood 2", there is a chance to continue to play the next generation (and the YY helpless pain dog blood drama "Homeland Defense 2"), I do not know whether the next generation will let the sister appear ah, but I am very much looking forward to control the little sister side a twist while killing the monster pleasure!

    My first acquaintance with "Dark Bloodlines" was at the beginning of the university two years ago. As the master ACT of THQ, it is rumored to be a master of many gods such as The Legend of Zelda, God of War, Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Diablo, Warcraft and so on.

    From the moment of the new game, it is destined to be a high-quality conscience work. With the in-depth understanding of this game, the background of the game, the plot, the relationship between characters, more and more understand that this is not a traditional sense of many copycats, I admire Vigil Games, but also look forward to its follow-up works have greater development.

    So can this sequel, which follows in the glorious tradition of Darksiders: Wrath of War, carry on the big name? Dive into our detailed review today!

    Ii. Introduction to the game

    The Darksiders series uses biblical stories as the setting for the games. the term "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" comes from the Bible's book of Revelation, and "apocalypse" means "revelation," so the four horsemen of the Apocalypse is also translated as "four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," and Revelation describes the last judgment, so the word apocalypse is always used to refer to the end of the world, For example, the apocalyptic nuclear bomb often appears in interstellar novels.

    At the end of the world, the Lamb will break the seven seals of the book and summon the knights on four horses, white, red, black and grey, to bring pestilence, war, famine and death to the final judgment of mankind, and then the world will be disordered, the sun and the moon will be discolored, and then the world will be destroyed.

    In the previous game's finale, Uriel attacked Watcher, sent by the Council to spy on War, and destroyed the Seventh Seal, reviving War and summoning the other three knights Fury, Strife, and Death to Earth, where the war continued. The game picks up where it left off and continues the eternal war between heaven and Hell.

    Death, the brother of War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, will be the main character of this game, traveling through the abyss, trying to regain the humanity that was lost in the Holocaust (for the purpose of not disclosing the plot, I stop here).

    Inheriting the previous generation's striking sense, rich combo skills and a variety of puzzle solving elements including open ACT, enhanced map richness, RPG elements of the equipment item collection system, multi-line task side task expansion and other elements, making this game has been separated from the pure ACT and towards the RPG infinite. Imagine a new RPACT game genre on the basis of ARPG......

    Three. Game screen

    Just as people always look at the appearance and then silently rate others when they first look at them, the game graphics are also the first factor for players to judge a game before they get started. Therefore, the element of "graphics" is definitely not only a reflection of the performance of an engine, but also represents the ability of the producer to control the hardware and the familiarity of the composition and character setting of the game artist.

    "Dark Lineage 2" game overall picture slightly rough, may be to highlight the rough game environment style, careful observation of the surface texture in the game, vegetation and vegetation can be said to be relatively simple, some huge rocks and style of strange buildings, cliffs, platforms and other game object modeling can not escape the suspect of corners.

    Thanks to the previous generation of games, this game in addition to resolution and vertical synchronization once again no game screen details adjustment, so in addition to the graphics card management in the strong open anti-aliasing options can only endure the screen full of micro dog tooth pleasure to play. (All screenshots in this article are the highest resolution, no strong open anti-aliasing)

    Aside from the fact that the overall graphics aren't very satisfying, the game's art is pretty good. Adhering to the rough painting style of a generation, the scene is full of the grand and majestic common in European and American fantasy games, the overall style tends to be bright light blue, with some cartoon style rendering, the color is full, the theme is soft and delicate, looking very comfortable.

    However, it should be pointed out that the material of this game is not high-definition material rendering, and CG animation is not exaggerated, so the game is only 5G in size, the advantage is that it saves the game capacity and does not sacrifice too much picture effect...... So in the game scene, game art can still give enough points.

    The momentum under the big scene is magnificent, and the game screenshot without observing the details is actually amazing enough. In short, if you are not a "picture party", "Dark Descent 2" picture enough to satisfy your undemanding eyes.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that the light source effect of the game is very good, and the processing of highlights and reflections is excellent. "Sound full of autumn color, stuffed with Yan fat night purple" big to the weather changes, small to the weapons of light and air vibration effects and the dynamic blur of character movement, the brilliant light and shadow special effects in the battle are satisfactory.

    In different climbing scenes, the game will also automatically shift the lens closer and farther, and the lens displacement is well grasped, which is very much the God of War. The character modeling is still much more elaborate than the environment modeling (I always feel that the shape of death is like a villain boss in a cartoon I watched when I was a child, as if it is some big villain like a skeleton king).

    Because of the unique "paper doll" system in the second generation of the game, when the death put on different equipment and different weapons under different lighting effects, I can not help but think of "new gas passed gold watchman, cold light iron clothes"......

    There is a small detail is that after entering the game for the second time, select the menu is the last state of your last save, it seems that the current game is popular with this set, from the earlier "Max Payne 3" to the recent "Torture Original 2", the benefit of this treatment is to seamlessly slide into the game to increase the sense of inclusion, it is estimated that this feature will become a popular trend in the future of the game.

    4. Game music sound effects

    No matter how good the game does not match the music I am afraid that sooner or later will be submerged in the battlefield of the golden horse, "Dark Lineage 2" background music gives players a feeling of epic mythology, people can not help but think of the "Lord of the Rings" sound of nature (of course not as good), although the number of times, but it has played a finishing touch, like the rendering atmosphere effect. To be commended.

    The protagonist and NPC voice actors have little bright spots, which may be due to the baptism of Japanese animation and excellent voice actors, and they are not too cold for European and American voice actors who are similar to the script. However, the voice of death is still very good, the tone and rhythm are properly calibrated, in contrast to the NPC performance is relatively stiff.

    In terms of sound effects, the impact of the second generation is much better than that of the first generation, one of the very important factors is the credit of the weapon effect. Scythe, axe, hammer and other different weapons hit different enemies caused by different real impact effects, if you feel carefully, you can even hear the sound waves caused by the weapon echo! The sound of the last details, the sound of horses' hooves, the clatter of flying up the wall, the roar of the monster, and so on are not to be underestimated.

    Five. Game operation

    As can be seen from the appearance, Death differs from War in its action and fighting style. If War is a strong warrior, Death tends to go the agile magic route.

    In contrast to War's somewhat clunky maneuvers, Death is more agile and focused on fighting techniques, with running and dodging being a big part of the game. He also has the ability to grab and is assisted in combat by NPC characters.

    The basic keyboard operation is WSAD move, ALT dodge (can be carried out three times fast dodge, the last time is to skip dodge), space jump, SHIFT lock the target, mouse keys attack, Tab select magic, 1~9 quick release magic.

    Q key remote aiming (with remote weapons only after the effect), E key to pick up items, interact with the surrounding, talk to NPCS, end skills, etc., I key to call out the game menu, O key to enter the props, map, skill tree system, F key fixed perspective, Z key to summon the remains (Dust) directions, C key to summon Despair mount, B key to switch running/walking.

    The hit in Darksiders 2 is quite powerful. The main weapon is a lightweight rotary sickle suitable for AOE, and the second weapon is a slightly bulky axe and hammer or boxing gloves. As the game progresses, you can purchase and learn new moves to unlock, and these moves can be smoothly formed into various combos - feel great!

    At the same time, the use of the Alt dodge key with the Shift lock key is more important, calculate the boss's offensive routine, master the timing, even if you are garbage equipment can still wear them. Some climbing and jumping actions in the game are indeed similar to Persian Monkey and Assassin's Creed, but compared to the first generation, the action is more coherent, and the operation is no longer as painful as the first generation.

    Contains a variety of precise parkour and sharp camera angles. Of course, you need to grasp the timing of the jump, otherwise even if you are death fall into the abyss will still die.

    Game style and system

    Diablo 2 adds a lot of RPG elements (you get a strong sense of Amara Kingdom), damage numbers that pop out of monsters' heads when fighting monsters, and equipment item gold that drops after death. Diablo 2 has thousands of weapons with different attributes, players who like to brush equipment should not miss......

    Of course, you can also get equipment in the chest. Props are divided into six levels and five colors, from weak to strong: white, green, blue, purple and orange. The highest levels of demon and legendary weapons are orange. Legends are the only powerful equipment, obtained by killing bosses and completing special missions, and some are hidden in the scene.

    Demon weapons can be upgraded, strengthened, and given other attributes at the expense of other equipment. For example, soon after the opening of the treasure chest will get a level 2 double knife, the attributes are very mediocre, but after clicking it, you can find that you can feed other weapons to this weapon, and then he can inherit the ability to sacrifice weapons and improve his attack power, which is similar to the upgrade of the weapon to strengthen the magic system.

    (In a game scene with a similar mailbox you will receive a level 5 orange set from the DLC, the attributes are good, and the inheritance of the first generation of the game will also get equipment rewards, but because it is mixed with the DLC reward, so I do not know which one is -. -)

    In addition to breaking jars for gold and blood bottles, there are 100 special coins distributed throughout the scene, which are spent in addition to gold when buying special goods from merchants.

    When experience is sufficient, it will level up (up to 30 levels), and then there will be a point system similar to the talent tree. There are two talents in total, the "Death Messenger" represents combat skills, and the "Death Wizard" represents witchcraft magic. Allows you to summon all kinds of undead creatures, curse servants and cast necromancy spells.

    Of course, it is definitely impossible to learn all the skills in one level, but there is a two-week option to inherit all the talents and achievements of previous characters. Greatly enriched the durability of the game......

    The map scene is larger and more open than the first generation, and the puzzle elements are greatly enhanced. On this point, the good is to enrich the game playability, the bad is to destroy the overall flow of the game...... Personally feel that the puzzle elements are still a little less good, after all, almost two-thirds of the game is in the decryption of the difficulty feels larger than the 1 generation, which makes the perfect clearance party very depressed, but the sense of accomplishment is estimated to explode.

    Alas, no guideline children, you can not afford to mulberry ah! There are NPCS in the village that can talk and trade. A giant redheaded girl named Alya buys and sells equipment. Next to it, another giant uncle named Muria sells blood bottles. At the same time, there are some side quests to pick up, reward experience items, etc., it is still good.

    Finally, it is to spend money to learn skills, arenas, etc., and there is a legitimate player can send equipment to friends through the mailbox, and there is no test for the broken sister version.

    Vii. Conclusion

    The introduction of RPG elements makes the game play greatly increased, brush, brush money, brush equipment, the main line clearance between 20 to 30 hours and the perfect party is expected to be at least 50 hours +, after the clearance there are higher difficulty expert mode (Pineapple 3 that kind of expert mode) for you to try.

    Sincere production + high playability has long been a good product, after all, spend a few hours of download time can experience a variety of 3A masterpiece game experience, for the "yellow sand battle wear golden armor, not break the final not also" brush the party, why not?

    Text and text: games website Literature Group -- Egg-roll Cat Literature Guide: Half-Demon Lich

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