Moderate "James Bond 007: Bloodstone" single-player mode review

    The last time we saw Ian Flemming's hero James Bond in a game, Treyarch designed the game to be a hybrid first - and third-person shooter.

    When MGM declared bankruptcy and the 007 franchise hit a funding crunch, Bizarre Creations- the gaming company best known for its racing games - brought a whole new way to play the 007 franchise.

    "James Bond 007: Blood Stone" broke the curse of film adaptation games will be rotten, the overall level of the game belongs to the middle; In addition, the game is also trying to provide players with different content than before.

    It's clear Bizarre's strategy when making Bloodstone was to give the player a complete understanding of what Bond has gone through to get the job done. From the start of the game, it's obvious how exciting playing 007 is. With a yacht plus an air Force plane, Bond is on the trail of a suspicious character who plans to cause trouble at a political summit in Athens. The first level of the game is very representative of the entire structure of the game: third person, screen shooting, one-hit kill, hand-to-hand combat, crazy car chases, more explosions than action movies. All of this can be seen before the opening credits show up.

    In contrast, the core design of Bloodstone is very similar to Splinter Cell: Guilt. Hand-to-hand combat gives the character a design method similar to bullet time, which can be activated to kill the target with a single hit. Even though the game doesn't have a true stealth mode, players can still quickly move between bunkers without being detected, taking out a room full of enemies with little effort.

    But "effortless" is where the game fails. The game has no difficulty at all, I chose the highest difficulty I could in the single player mode (the actual maximum difficulty is unlocked after completing the game), but I had almost no trouble in the game. A.I. 's course of action was completely predetermined, and the enemy posed no real threat to me, even if they were together.

    I had a little trouble with the controls during the PC version of the game. I switched to the Xbox360 controller shortly after the game started, and although the keyboard and mouse controls can be customized, it is still too inconvenient. Even so, the game had its fair share of problems. For example, the game doesn't recognize which controller the player is using. Even though I was using a gamepad, the game still gave me ICONS for the keys and mice. For example, in the first level of the game, Bond wants to drive the speedboat to avoid the pursuit of the enemy, because the speedboat acceleration and weapon firing are the same key, I can not shoot at all, and can only be forced to change the keyboard and mouse through this level.

    When I first got the game, I thought that the game process would take little longer than the installation time. To my surprise, Blood Stone was much longer than I expected. It only takes you 8 to 10 hours, but the game keeps moving forward. There were times when I thought the game was almost over, but Bond kept flying to new countries to fight his enemies. But the enemy feels the same.

    As with James Bond, the plot of the game sometimes jumps too much. It's logical, and sometimes the plot takes a 180-degree turn without explanation. But you just need to know that Bond will take care of everything. Fortunately, there are some legendary characters from the Bond series in the game, and most of the characters in the game are well voiced.

    As I said, the story of Blood Stone is purely linear and super simple. There were some interesting moments and the pace was kept reasonably well, but there wasn't much else. As far as shooting games go, this game is very ordinary, but as a movie licensing game, there are still some bright spots. Bizarre, the developer, did a decent job.

    Bloodstone does have a few levels that make me want to play it more. Bizarre proves that Bond has some status in the video game world after all. It wasn't quite as revolutionary as Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it did contribute to the further development of the 007 character in the action game genre.

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