games website "Raven: The Legacy of the Thief" detailed review: It's just that

    But also because it is too "authentic", so I have to say in advance that although I like this type of game, even if the final review results are high, I will not recommend this type of game to all players.

    Because this kind of game often process and spend real time is very long, if the brain can not turn around for a time there is no way to decrypt and stuck, you still do not check the guideline, sometimes thinking time is estimated to be enough to clear COD1~9.


    But that's why I love these kinds of games, you know

    Hardware and graphics, now the adventure game screen is not good enough to attract players


    The actual game screen, I do not have the same effect full on/full off comparison as before, one is how to open is 60 full frame number, the second is now the effect is full on, there is nothing to boast about

    Through the actual picture, it can be seen that the picture of this game is really not acceptable to the current picture party players, and it is more exaggerated to say that even the players who have been playing AVG series are not necessarily satisfied.

    The quality of the opening animation is like that of the famous AVG Cyberia - the average gamer doesn't know that Cyberia is an AVG released in 2002 - and a 2013 game that looks pretty much the same as a game from a decade ago, which is no excuse for a small production or indie game.

    Instead of embarrassing people with that technique, it would be better to save money by learning how to make dynamic CG in other games today, and save money for the model and action of the game. Because the action of the characters in this game is really bad.


    The story took me back 100 years, and the graphics took me back 10 years

    The reason why such a bad picture and characters can give it five points is entirely because this cracked version comes with a luxury version of the special:

    It has all the characters, scenes and action Settings as well as the Settings of the production crew after watching it, they know that their production is not easy (in short, it is not as bad as they want to do), so this five points is considered a human score.


    Oh, my God, this is what scares me the most. I can't give you a low grade every time I see it

    Music and drama. Drama is a selling point not a selling point

    First use a few words to summarize the sound effect and music, the sound effect is very high, but there are a lot of repetitive sound effects, sometimes think that they secretly next sound dictionary should be no problem.

    As for the music, I personally think the background music of the Crow game is very good, it has the style of the last century, and it is very similar to watching the classic British detective drama with this music.

    It's hard not to think of Murder on the Orient Express when you're on a train and the main character is fat. Okay, we know this is a jewel steal.


    Choose a conversation? Plus one point, plus a lot of characters in this game read too much white stick, minus one point

    But unfortunately, there are too few good BGM in this game, and I won't say much about the time it takes to decrypt the game, and the BGM will empty out the cycle after a long time.

    I've complained about this a lot of puzzle games, but think about it... That's all, later evaluation will not tease these AVG music problems, it is estimated that they do not have the money to do.

    Let's talk about the plot of the game. First of all, it's important to understand that the creator of the game is a big fan of Agatha Christie, the "queen of detectives", so many stories in the game are borrowed from her detective novels (this one on the train is an obvious one).

    The actual plot is actually quite easy to understand, a gentleman thief with an ideal or destiny is stealing diamonds from a museum in Paris, and we look like Agatha's great detective Poirot fat policeman is going to solve the case with the same observation ability as Sherlock Holmes.


    Hey, hey, hey. Grandma Agatha herself. This prank is so obvious. Hello

    Although the main character of the game is actually the French detective from the beginning.

    The plot and the plot reversal of the game are left to you players to discover for yourself, and here I'm going to say that this company sells some of the "indecent" aspects of the plot.

    First of all, this crow detective game may be divided into three chapters, which means that we players can only buy one chapter if they pay for it, and the other two chapters need to pay for it (the deluxe version does not need to).

    But this game is priced at $25, which can't help but make me think of the Walking Dead, which is also a pure story, but also a $25 base, and then buy DLC Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

    Although the story of the game is good, there is always a very insidious feeling about this sale.


    Although the Walking Dead is not a game at all

    Hands-on, tepid game experience

    Actually played for more than an hour, did not feel that this crow has anything better than similar games, perhaps because it is too European and American, so the plot ups and downs are very smooth.

    It's always been one of those little British TV exchanges, paired with a little task called picking up a wallet. Despite the poor animation at the beginning, the final BOSS Crow just doesn't show up. Coupled with this instant sense of Oriental speed, I think the whole car is crows.

    In practice, the game's character action is really, really bad. I know I said it at the beginning, and I'll deepen it here:

    The protagonist runs in the scene, can not skip when doing action, if the wrong action can not be cancelled halfway, a sense of deliberately slowing down the game immediately entered the author's brain.

    The most deadly is the movement of the game model, I can not say, everyone look at the following picture


    Somebody explain to me that this is a smooth hand or a smooth crutch. A man in his 40s, for all we know, can't walk without turning? !

    In fact, the outstanding place of this game is precisely those unskippable actions, manipulating the protagonist in different situations when different actions will have different details (origami to grab things to grab different items),

    Think of similar games in the past, basically taking something is a hand to bend over and end, and may not even touch the props you need to take. Again, while the details are nice, I prefer to skip them as my game time increases.


    You grab the candy, you pinch the pen

    The game's multi-choice story is also good, and it gives people a feeling that they control the direction of the show, but multiple choices affect the end, so what should be done in the end?

    Start over? Memory kill? Personally, I think it would be best if the third chapter of the second chapter could inherit the plot of the first chapter, and then I believe it will give a higher score.

    Overall, still not attracting new players

    Although the score is not very high, but personally for this game is still very happy, so I wonder if I can find a face for this game and make a final fight for it? I think so.

    Therefore, I randomly selected 10 players in a YY group that gathered a lot of teenage players, and recommended the same dialogue and pictures and STEAM videos to them, and then I waited for an afternoon, and the final result was...

    Of them, 6 players expressed no interest, 3 players forgot about this thing, and the remaining player because he is a small fan of the author, so it is very blind to download, and then play less than an hour also gave up. So, six is no more, no less.

    I think La Noir is also in this genre, but because of its integration into the GTA model, as well as action and gunplay elements, it immediately adds a lot of color to the entire game, and if the funds allow, I hope that these companies and teams who like to do traditional point-and-click adventure games will work harder.


    Because of the type of game, it is a scene that hardly moves characters for a long time, and everyone has been listening to the dialogue. So...

    No introduction yet....

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