"Far Cry: A New Dawn" review: The pink dawn after the nuclear explosion


    Players will always look at sequels compared to the previous one, which is fair or unfair to the game, fair in that this comparison allows players to see whether the elements that attracted them to the game have been retained, loyalty to the series is a very important criterion for us to measure sequels, and unfair in that it's like labeling a new baby. For example, when we think of Far Cry, we probably have strongholds, infiltrators, villains, and other labels and symbols in our minds, which are on the one hand what the game series has retained in its inheritance, and on the other hand, our inherent thinking.

    To this day, players still have mixed opinions about "Far Cry 5", those who like it feel good, those who don't like it feel it is a pity that the food is tasteless and abandoned, the villain shaped in the game, the Holy Father, the people who like it feel very charming, the people who don't like it feel that he is simply a "god stick", and the final game ended in a nuclear explosion that will happen anyway. The star of our review today is Far Cry: A New Dawn, the pink sequel to this wastelands.


    Let's start with the hot topic: blood strips and numeralization.

    Players who have played Far Cry 5 must have felt this way: Kill only one shot, but in hunting a bear needs to spray several shots, players can obviously feel that some of the enemy's blood is very thick, some like a crisp skin, in fact, "Far Cry 5" has the latent existence of blood strips and damage numbers, this only put the blood strips and damage numbers intuitive in front of the player, but why the feeling of fighting will be so bad?


    "In Settings you can choose to turn off health and damage display"

    Because the point that really affects the battle is actually the level setting, which divides the enemy and various weapons into four levels, the higher the level of the enemy, the more health means that you need better weapons, otherwise the battle process and bullet consumption will be much longer, and you need to point a higher assassination perk for different enemies in this game. Otherwise you can not assassinate the high-level enemy, the author tried to use the low-level bow and arrow and pistol continuously brush points in the early days of the game, but later because the enemy level is too high, even if it is continuous head shots have to shoot several times, and finally have to use environmental props to kill people in circles.

    Health and damage numbers are the performance of the level, both of which affect the fighting mechanism in the game, the "head" after knocking off the "helmet" has to be played for a long time, which is basically non-existent before, even if you are skilled, you still need appropriate equipment, the advanced enemies of the previous series mean a strict and complex killing mechanism, and the advanced enemies of this game are stronger. The focus of combat is no longer solely on the emphasis on skill.

    When you look back at the later stage, you will find that the addition of these Settings has escalated the entire game, the early stage needs to develop, and the later stage can be a cool fight, such as the early shield soldier players need to seduce and fight back, and the later stage a shot breaks the shield and a shot collapses.


    "You'll still have the option to do stealth combat after the late Perk is full."

    In fact, this game also has a strong sense of ladder in the setting of strongpoints and levels, and the AI of Far Cry is very mysterious, so players often ask two questions: Did you not find me? How did you find out about me? Low-level positions you can surf freely, advanced positions will be easy to find, and then it is a tough fight, the previous sneak by the bow and arrow and sniper rifle, this one sneak by the shotgun and flamethrower. In addition, this game also adds some "magic" elements, in the late game players will get new abilities, such as double jump, assassination vampire, advanced stealth, etc., which will expand the player's choice of strategies in the later period.

    Overall, there are many changes in the combat system of this game, some of the Settings are more focused on how to give players a stimulating and refreshing combat experience while retaining the original foundation, players who like it will feel very cool, players who don't like it will feel a kind of "betrayal", so the answer is different, with the standards of the "Far Cry" series to measure this battle may not be good. It is not a bad battle to measure in the light of the "new dawn".

    There is a new model, otherwise the overall view is very "classic"

    The gameplay of "Far Cry" has not changed much in general, and the overall process of "New Dawn" has also gone the old way in the past, which is a typical commercial hero script. The other gameplay of the game is the same as the previous game, treasure hunting, car robbery, saving people and so on, there is nothing to talk about.

    At present, the only thing that can be said to be a bright spot is the expedition gameplay added to this game, players need to take a helicopter to perform recovery tasks in a copy of the map, and it is still familiar with the road after several brush times, so at present, this generation even if there is a new mode to join but the playability is still not particularly high. The expedition mode still has great potential for development, such as adding new mission types, new levels and new environmental elements, this mode has opened a good start worth looking forward to, and according to the existing elements in the game, Far Cry meets the conditions of eating chicken mode, which is also worth looking forward to.


    "Use a level of poison mist and an airdrop system. Oh Huo, eat chicken now."

    Because it is the sequel of the five generations, Ubisoft certainly won't let go of the point of "feelings". There are photos collection tasks in the game, most of which are the comparison between before and after the disaster. The game picture is attractive, the art design is unique, the performance of the picture is also OK, the sound part is very general, and there are not a few songs. In addition to the Easter eggs of the previous characters can make you feel the vicissitudes of the world, the game has other Easter eggs, such as "friendship magic jet", "pony chariot" and "pony uniform", another very funny point is that even if you choose a female character, you can still customize the beard, and there are a lot of jokes and jokes in the game.


    "Friendship magic jet, let's be good friends!"

    "New Dawn" should be one of the most self-released works in the Far Cry series, and pink nuclear explosion will accompany you to the sky. However, compared with the environment, the villain of this generation is too pale, on the contrary, the role of "Holy Father" has been better represented in this work, so the protagonist of this work is still the "Holy Father - Father" of the hate man.

    Father is still the same Father

    Joseph Sid this name "Far Cry 5" players will not be unfamiliar, but also because of this villain, "Far Cry 5" topic once rose, no matter what is the BAD ENDING ending also let many players can not accept, and even many people buy "New Dawn" the purpose is to personally kill this Joseph Sid, There's a saying that if a villain doesn't make the audience hate it, it's a failure on the part of the writers, so in that regard, I think the Holy Father is in the category of villains who make it work.


    How could Ubisoft give up on the Holy Father and his new Eden so easily? The Holy Father will still appear in the story of this work, although the number of times is small, but each appearance is important, here does not reveal the plot, but you can tell that after the completion of the whole story, if not for the perspective of God players know the context of the entire nuclear explosion otherwise, otherwise really think that the role of the Holy Father is a God's "shepherd". Compared with the Holy Father, the main villain sisters are like two children who don't grow up, perfectly becoming the foil of the Holy Father, not only the background is thin and the body is full of flags, this role in the main story is not even survive three levels, the shape of the whole gang is also like this, Mo de soul.

    After playing through the entire story, I told my friends and colleagues that if Ubisoft had released New Dawn as a five-generation DLC instead of a spin-off, the Holy Father would have been the most successful villain in the Far Cry series. You can see how the "Holy Father" who previously claimed to be God returns to mortal form in the pink New Dawn "Joseph." Sid."


    "The fate of families and children is closely linked"

    In addition to the Holy Father, there are many old characters we are familiar with in the game, for these roles Ubisoft is too understated, obviously functional, in addition to someone's return to the family will make people move, but it is also based on the premise of God's perspective, so in the shaping of secondary characters I think this work is not passed. He tries to impress the player with the changes in the human design rather than the character story, which is not desirable.

    Sum up

    Far Cry: As a new work after the "nuclear explosion" of Far Cry 5, New Dawn does have a lot of innovation, such as the change of battle rhythm is a very controversial point, but the overall process of the game is short, less than 15 hours to complete the story, so in the short process we can see Ubisoft portrayed the "Holy Father" character, the other characters are a little pale. There are many Easter eggs in the game, which is very entertaining. If you look at New Dawn through the eyes of the Far Cry series, it's actually pretty average, but if you look at New Dawn as a newborn, I think he's pretty good.


    No introduction yet....

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