Survival-building strategy game Men of the Dawn is now available for Demo on Steam

Dawnfolk, a survival building strategy game developed by Dareen Keller and co-published by Dareen Keller and Astra Logical, is now available as a Demo on Steam.


This game is a relaxing survival building game, where players will build houses, gather resources, manage the country, and decide the fate of the people. Explore the dark world, gradually learn the secrets of the black monolith, and finally bring light back to the world.

"Men of Dawn" currently supports simplified Chinese interface, full audio and subtitles, the game's specific release date has not yet been announced.


Steam Store page: Men of the Dawn

Game Introduction:

Lueur is different from any building strategy game you've played before, giving you an experience that is both familiar and new. Whether at home or on the go, you can easily play with a gamepad, keyboard or portable game console. Lueur has no lengthy tutorials, no complicated menus, you can just start playing, get back to the basics, explore on your own, experiment, and have fun.

In the game you can survive, thrive or just relax - it's up to you. You'll experience the game from both a global and micro perspective, immersing yourself in mini-games to gather resources while coordinating the big picture. Explore as you reshape the world and story, and your choices will determine the fate of your kingdom and its inhabitants.


Relax your mind

In Lueur, you can collect and acquire resources yourself through numerous mini-games. The better you are at the minigames, the more resources you will have, which you can then use to build your city. This adds new excitement and surprises to the game, while also making the city management experience more relaxed and enjoyable.

Comfortable gaming experience

Although it can be played with a keyboard, the Lueur is designed to be played with gamepads and portable game consoles. My favorite place to play games is in bed. What about you?

It's shorter than a Netflix episode

Have you ever given up on a game because it takes at least 2 or 3 hours to play? Or because you completely forgot where you were a week later? That's not going to happen here. Each level takes between 30 and 60 minutes to play, and you don't need to remember anything the next time you play!


Create your own way of playing

Choose your game mode or customize your gameplay parameters.

Settler Mode: A tolerant turn-based experience that lets you relax and learn.

Survivor Mode: A challenging real-time experience that tests your tactical thinking.

Godlike Mode: Nightmarish fast-paced challenge, suitable for experienced players only.


Exploration and experiment

Are you tired of long tutorials that pile up tons of text to explain every little detail? Lueur provides a simple and minimalist interface that allows you to experiment and understand elements of the game on your own. Explore the game at your own pace, just as you would a mysterious world.

Shape the story

Depending on your building, there will be minor subplots. Their outcomes depend on your choices and directly affect your city and resources. Will you be a benevolent and kind ruler, or will you be ruthless to ensure your own survival? The fate of your people is in your hands.


Bring light back into the world

Decades ago, huge dark obelisks fell from the sky. A terrible storm of darkness gathers around them, slowly crawling across the world, devouring everything. You are the ruler of this land, once majestic and firm, now broken and wounded, but not defeated. You will reclaim the lost ground and bring light back to the world. After years of wandering, you finally find Lueur, a mysterious creature capable of emitting a light powerful enough to dispel the darkness. Now it's time to explore the shadows and rebuild your kingdom.


Promotional video:

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