"ICEY" games website reviews another footprint on the road to domestic games

    Friends who are familiar with the game circle and often understand the information of the game industry believe that these two days must have heard of "ICEY Aishi" this game, a domestic independent horizontal version of the clearance game. Why is this game so hot? The occurrence of cracking events is an important promotion, however, the quality of the game itself is also to be excellent, otherwise, even if the event is caught up with, no players spontaneously promote Amway, the game will not succeed.

    So as a big game media (this article five cents, crossed out) of the small editor, naturally also want to catch up with the trend, start to try to play, play over to write something ah, so write a review for you to understand the game, but also express some feelings.

    Fine graphics and music

    Generally speaking, this is a horizontal action game, abandoning the commonly used martial arts style and ink painting style in China, using the future technology to set and background, the protagonist is a machine girl, the producer may also be the first sound control, anyway, the protagonist looks like the first sound.

    The graphics are very clean, although it is a 2D game, but it feels very refined. May be foreign games play a lot, see the background of simplified characters, a very wonderful feeling. Compared with the simple background screen, the game's skill special effects performance is still very gorgeous, representing the future of science and technology particle special effects full screen flying, feeling very cool.

    The music is also normal, and it is also biased towards the future wind of electronic music, anyway, from skills to music is to give the player a cool and refreshing feeling.

    Gorgeous yet fluid motion system

    As an action game, and it is a 2D horizontal version, the expressive force of the picture must give way to the action of the game, such as DNF, how many years, the picture is not much stronger. To put it plainly, action games, players play is a sense of attack, skills and combo, a variety of attack and defense conversion, as for the screen, do a little better, icing on the cake, even if just a little, as long as you do the action system is good enough, the same by this kind of players love, JOJO kind of painting style is not the same as many people tried after the poison, love is not OK.

    To get to the point, the action system of this game is quite good, at least in the domestic game is the forefront, many players think that the success of this game is all meta elements (this will be discussed in detail later), in fact, its own action is also remarkable, although there is no special place, drawing on a lot of classic action game elements, such as the ghost fighter flash, Ghost cry of the air, QTE trigger, endure dragon's sucking bean explosion, these things are more or less borrowed from other games, but the integration of these things into a piece, and let you feel that the play is very smooth, refreshing, this is not also its success.

    Even as a pure action game, I think it's worth the $30. The use of skills is not difficult, a little similar to the unmatched kind of light attack and heavy attack combination out of the feeling, it is easy to rub out a variety of skills, difficult may be the connection between the skills, if you want to compare a bit like the Basara series, both killing and jointing effect. A little action game or fighting game base players estimated that they can directly difficult difficulty to start, play strange, can not stop, all kinds of air connection, defense, explosion, high difficulty, the monster is not so easy to die, connect to be fresh, but, the wrist is a little sour...

    It is worth mentioning that the game is too powerful dodge system, originally dodge and sprint Settings are still quite cool, more cool is infinite flash, however, the problem also appears, players can rely on infinite flash and anti-anti-easy to grind all bosses, although the game itself also has a hit must kill cheating Settings, but believe me, you will be sore after using, And this infinite dodge is the alternative invincible in the rules of the game, there should be changes in the follow-up.

    META elements under the action game shell

    There may be players who do not understand, here first talk about metagame, Chinese translation for meta-game/super game, refers to those elements outside the basic gameplay of the game. To be specific, in the original game world, the player is a transcendent existence, the character you control is in this game world, but you yourself are in reality, and the game world has no direct relationship, you are playing the game. But in meta games, the player is also involved in the game world, what happens in the game may interact directly with you beyond the character you control, and the character in the game may also know that he is a character, that it is a game, and that you, the player, exist.

    The important guarantee of this word of mouth is to lead these meta elements of the funny narrator, a lot of people say this game is not the game action is more dazzling, more cool, but that the game has a super funny narrator, you can play the game when you flirt with him. Yes, just like Stanley Fable, the game has a funny, chatty voice-over, which is nothing at first, but after a short period of teaching the basics, the game crashes and restarts, this time, your start option is to play with the voice-over, and you'll hear a funny voice-over (CV: Tut Hamon began to give you the way, originally, according to the normal instructions, you play to the clearance is also very fast, but when you accidentally make mistakes you will find that the narrator will tease, so, a good action game has become a teasing narrator, let you go east you go west, let you fight the dog you scold the chicken, the narrator will jump, and even the final big crash, restart the game...

    The existence of this unusual narrator has also changed the appearance of the game, not only in terms of fun, but also in the story of the entire game. From a simple action game with no story to an RPG full of suspense, intrigue, and philosophy, because free from the narrator's instructions, you will discover the hidden secrets of the game, including many obscure prophecy instructions in the Cthulhu myth, as well as the creator's unfinished scenes and once abandoned characters. And this game is no longer a player to control a character to beat the boss, more like a direct dialogue between the player and the producer, to learn more about the game itself, which is also the charm of meta games, jump out of the game, give it more things outside the game.

    It is true that this mode of narration is indeed borrowed from "Stanley Fables", but the language style of narration and the difference between the two game types is still very big, the mode of reference is normal, action games, shooting games, fighting games have too much in common. You can't stop the use of patterns just because they are used less, and maybe more people use them to become a genre? What's more, the narration of the puns and jokes is also very smooth, rotten potatoes ah, happy plus one ah. Famous domestic animation are also good at teasing and playing jokes, which is also a special phenomenon for those of us who grew up under the influence of Japanese comics and games. The game is a good fit with the psychology of the main consumer group of the game now, and a lot of memes will make you smile.

    Overall comment

    In fact, this is not a very good work, can only be said to be good, many places in the game you can also feel the traces of its reference, but we can still feel from some details of the producer's intentions, such as constantly switching DOS interface, double-layer plot setting, a variety of hidden rooms and lines of the setting, These are the things that the makers put their minds to. It's only $30, and it's well worth the fun and smile you get for a while!

    The occurrence of cracking events also makes this game a blessing in disguise, a moment of fame, coincidence or marketing, which is the previous "Rain blood", "Lost Castle" such as the same excellent domestic stand-alone has not experienced. Hope that this event can better awaken the players of the copyright awareness, but also to the domestic manufacturers injected a shot in the arm, as long as there are good works, the current environment is much better, domestic players on their own products are still very tolerant, as long as you are not fooling everyone. Domestic stand-alone really quiet for too long, the flag of the three swords has been erected for too many years, long to the flagpole are almost eaten by insects, domestic animation is getting better step by step, hope that the spring of domestic stand-alone can also come one step earlier!

    No introduction yet....

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