games website "FIFA13" detailed review: the pleasure of 0.5 points beyond the real!

    Review preface:

    Both FIFA 13 and Live 2013 are now fully available. Whether it is the former or the latter, the author thinks that the two brothers have made a huge amount of money and effort in their new works, but what is the impact after the effort?

    In fact, the real 2013 did improve a lot, but remember that this progress refers to the horizontal comparison of the real in its own field, and FIFA's change is not only a higher level than the horizontal work of the past, but also the vertical comparison completely makes the football game more than a game so simple.

    In order to evaluate the "FIFA13" as soon as possible, I also specially purchased the genuine version in order to experience this football masterpiece for the first time!

    Not long ago, IGN made a score for the two games that have been struggling for a long time, and the real 8.5 points, while FIFA got a record 9.0 points, so, where is the gap?

    0.5 points seems to be a small difference, but in fact, you will find that the distance of 0.5 points is not just 0.5 so simple! So now by the author to tell you about FIFA13 in the end where the gap!

    Note: The sum of bonus points in the following aspects is the 0.5 difference between the reality and FIFA in the author's opinion. The following are the author's personal views, for reference only.

    Screen +0.1

    After contacting the DEMO and the official version, I found that FIFA13 can still do the details after not replacing the engine, it is very simple, just look at the grass first? Playing football matches first naturally look at the grass, the grass is not good to kick.

    This time FIFA 13 has made great adjustments to the color and tone of the turf, at least looking at the glasses comfortable, not so dim.

    Originally, green is to adjust people's eyes, this is done, football is more powerful, no visual fatigue, but also make people more energetic!

    Then naturally is the graphics, I do not know if you have such a feeling in the past, FIFA characters are really sexy, everyone is tall and thin, even the initials and numbers behind it are so, so resulting in a certain proportion of the imbalance, now the new work makes people feel different from the past, that is, the players to the jersey to the stadium three aspects are coordinated many.

    Then to say is the face shape, relative to the market situation that resembles the zombie face, the face shape produced by three-dimensional scanning is still relatively durable and real, although the face shape is basically the same as that of a 12, but the detailed changes made still make people hopeful about the future of FIFA.

    There is the last one is the player enters the field, the author has always liked the scene of the live opening, although it has been seen N times, and now we feel very false, but the author likes the real feeling and atmosphere of the entrance, and now FIFA13 has also introduced this approach screen, although the ceiling feeling is not very cool, but how to say, a small step in detail, Crossing is a big step.

    Including the selection of sides before the start and the change of players in the game during the warm-up, which undoubtedly added a lot of realism to the game.

    Game action +0.1

    The players who have played on the 12 are certainly the most criticized is the collision, my God, the original introduction of the collision system is how exciting things, so real, but the real is too much, as long as the touch will dare to fall, the fall of a few seconds does not matter.

    A goalkeeper can get into a fistfight with a defender or a striker. More importantly, such a collision system has completely destroyed the game, and sometimes two players crash and fall to the ground, and they don't move for half a day, and they are stuck there, which affects the efficiency of the game.

    But this year's new work has improved a lot, even after the collision and confrontation of the scene also appears very real, of course, the kind of touch regardless of the fall is very rare. As for stopping the ball, there is no rigid stopping the ball, and the controller player can simulate different stopping ways and directions with his four buttons.

    In the card defense, the defender becomes smart and flexible, and it is easier to protect the ball, so that the agile striker does not snatch the ball from behind at once without noticing, and the movement of the player has not only increased a lot, but also the details have been real.

    The coordination and connection of the action are in place, and the players can judge the actions of the opposing players through their usual experience and make countermeasures in time.

    A game. + 0.2

    For the live 2013 AI, I want to believe that most of the friends who have played FIFA 13 DEMO and official version should feel that it is not just a little bit of change, defense and offensive AI to say [of course, it is analyzed on the semi-professional difficulty].

    First of all, let's talk about defensive AI, in FIFA12, I personally think that the midfield and the back line are disconnected, it seems to be easy to carry the ball horizontally outside the big penalty area, and the defensive players are gathered in the big penalty area a step away from the long shot.

    Nowadays, as long as the player's attack timing is not good, or the rhythm is lowered, the computer players are correctly positioned and the defensive formation is stable, making the success rate of the attack greatly reduced.

    At the same time, the defensive player's rotation marking is also a grade higher than the previous work, such as the author likes the side straight and then cross, unfortunately, the probability of success is too low, with the author's control of the side players is really like engaging in homosexuality like entangled, from another point of view also have to let the players in the subtle improvement of their own strength.

    But the most important point is that manually adjusting the defensive formation, when to lean in, scramble, including calling for help will have a bearing on the success of the defense and the direction of the game.

    Let's talk about offensive AI, the offensive AI has improved a lot, where a lot of it is, that is, at the same time, your teammates will not slow down the pace of team cooperation for various reasons, when you carry the ball on the side, other players in the front field will interpenetrate the position, very positive, go all out.

    At the same time, the scene of waiting in place will not be seen, and all the players have to run up a few times, a few back and forth. Of course, for the author who plays for more than 70 minutes and does not change people, he also has to consider changing people in advance.

    Because the theme of FIFA13 is the reality, running for such a long time where there is not tired, physical bar crazy, which is also a scientific and correct way for the author to replace and guide it.

    Sound +0.1

    From the commentary side, the commentator's vocabulary is already very large, and there are many more words, just like the 2K commentator, about a player in a specific environment to explain and comment on him.

    The author is a CET-4 English student. The process of interpretation is to interpret the game, introduce and comment on the players, and express the situation on the field in a humorous and relaxed tone, which makes the atmosphere very good.

    The second is the sound of some details, the new work is also very good, the sound of the player receiving the ball and the touch of a shot, the bang of the ball when it hits the crossbar or the post, and the sound is very similar to the real game.

    Finally, naturally talk about the cheers of the audience, this, also did quite well, the tsunami of cheers after the home team scored, the opportunity did not kick into the audience a pity, including the various boos of the visiting team, in short, everything on the field and the audience's response are very tacit and appropriate, giving people the feeling of being in the scene.


    Of course, in summary, the author thinks that under the same circumstance of 8.5, why does FIFA13 have an extra 0.5? Although there may be some subjective post-game feelings from the author, there are certainly some significant factors.

    Players still have to experience this more than 0.5 real pleasure through continuous gaming. This pleasure is not only based on the original modes of the game, but also very well reflected in the new modes added in this new game.

    The author believes that today's players who love to play FIFA are also real fans, will see, will kick, will play, will think, I think the new is to let the players to a higher level and prepare a meal, friends, together from now on Hapi FIFA 13 bar!

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