Monopoly 11 Review: Good Students Who Check for Defects

As is well known, the quality of Monopoly 10 is not very good, with issues such as starting characters, limited maps, AI stupidity, and overcorrection in pursuit of a fast-paced gaming experience.

But the game did sell quite well - it had already sold one million copies by the end of last year, and I believe this achievement ranks among the top in the entire series. It can be seen that players truly enjoy the gameplay of "Strong Hand Chess" and have a genuine demand for this type of party online game.

Of course, there are also many users who pay for their childhood nostalgia. However, emotional cards cannot be played too much. Players will curse after buying them, and they will definitely hold onto the coin and wait for the new game.

Since we're talking about the upcoming release of Monopoly 11, how did it perform this time?

The starting lineup this time is not shabby

As long as you compare the main visual image, you can see the progress of Monopoly 11 compared to the previous game: "10" only had 6 starting characters, so the main visual image at that time had to bring the God of Fortune and God of Wealth to support the scene. In the new game, 14 characters occupied the main space of the film.

Main visual images of 10 and 11

Compared to the underperforming student of "10", it may not be enough to demonstrate the progress of "11". So what about comparing it to the most recognized "4" by players? 「4」 There are a total of 12 characters appearing, so "11" is also more numerous.

The design of costume changes and character talents has been continued in "11", with each character's vehicle being different, increasing the diversity of these classic characters and making the game more durable.

But one thing I really want to complain about is that unless you open the instructions hidden between the menus, players can't see what the talent of each character is in the normal play process, and even there is no display in the selection interface, which is quite inconvenient.

As for the map, the original "10" had only 8 maps, which was criticized by players for its small quantity. Another issue was that the map was too small.

Perhaps listening to these negative comments, "11" had a total of 12 maps when it was first released, of which 8 were larger traditional maps and 4 were smaller hot fight mode maps *.

*The hot bucket mode is a new element added to "10". In this mode, players no longer need to buy land and build houses, but need to use missile mines to bomb the enemy, and the enemy will be directly deducted money after being bombed. In "10", the hot bucket mode and traditional mode share the same map.

「11」 The map has more mechanisms. Taking the mechanical maze as an example, after stepping on a special mechanism, the direction of the road will change, and the originally open area will suddenly be closed. If the land in the closed area has not been purchased by other players at this time, the player in it will become the earth emperor -

You can buy all the land and even build a few more floors first, and when the area reopens, it will become a nightmare for other players.

However, there is a problem with the map in this game: when walking to a crossroads, sometimes the system allows players to choose their own direction, and sometimes it does not allow players to choose, which is confusing.

For example, when I first walked to the intersection, the system automatically made Tangtang turn right. However, when I read the save and passed through the intersection again, the system made Tangtang move straight forward. This is undoubtedly a bad thing for players to plan their own route.

  I have no idea which direction I will take next& nbsp;

Each generation of Monopoly will sew and patch up new patterns on the basic gameplay. The previous game was in "hot fight mode", but in this game it is now in "challenge mode".

Challenge Mode is a collaborative PvE mode where four characters work together against a lord with special abilities. At the beginning, the lord had a leading economic and land advantage, coupled with his own passive ability, making it difficult to play in difficult situations.

The innovation this time was quite good after personal gameplay. If you get tired of playing the traditional Monopoly mode of mutual harm, the experience of four people working together to fight BOSS is also quite interesting.

At the beginning of , the lord already owned 21 pieces of land

However, there are a few initial lords, a total of two, which leaves room for improvement in future updates.

By the way, the story mode and biographical mode in "10" have been removed in this game, possibly due to insufficient duration or simply being replaced by the challenge mode. Friends who want to read more stories or prefer the single player mode may be disappointed.

Slow down fast pace

From all aspects of the design of the "10" generation, it can be seen that the production team wants to speed up the "Monopoly" series in "10", such as a smaller map; Cancel the coupon and purchase the card directly with gold coins; Or it could be to use the continuously increasing prices in the later stage to shorten the duration of a single game, and so on.

*After a period of time, the price index will increase. For example, under other unchanged conditions, players need to pay 1000 yuan when they arrive at a certain property on the 10th day, and may have to pay 6000 yuan when they arrive at the same site again on the 50th day.

However, players are not entirely satisfied with this, so the production team decided to take a step back in "11" - the main direction is still to accelerate the game pace, but it gives players more choices.

Hot Dipper Mode Exclusive Map

For example, as mentioned earlier, dedicated maps are provided for the hot bucket mode. These maps are relatively small in scale to match the fast pace of the hot bucket mode, while traditional maps have a larger scale after eliminating the need to take care of the hot bucket mode, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassing situation of having no land to buy after just a few rounds.

In addition, players can customize the "price increase days" at the beginning of the game: if they want to play a bladder game with their partners, tormenting each other until their heads turn white, they can adjust the days to 100 days; If you just want to have a quick and easy time, you can even set prices to rise every day.

However, when the price index is very high, the problem of the "stock market" function that had already appeared in the previous work being virtually non-existent still exists.

As for whether to accept the entertaining plot of "sudden death", it depends on different opinions.

can also customize initial cash and deposits, etc

The two large buildings, "Securities Center" and "Oil Company", which were too powerful in the previous work, have been directly removed and replaced by new buildings that are more gentle in function, avoiding overly extreme negative experiences.

The AI stupidity issue in the previous game has also been improved in "11". At least I haven't encountered the situation that often happened in the previous game where an AI placed a landmine in front of them and then used a robot doll to clear it.

If it was a chaotic battle among four people, the other three AI enemies would not collaborate to bully me, nor would they roll the dice like cheating every time. Overall, it looks like a normal player.

Unfortunately, like the previous game, AI still lacks difficulty options. Sometimes when I can't gather all four people, I still hope that AI can be more powerful.


Due to early evaluation, it seems that the official online service was not yet open when I was playing, so I was unable to test the online quality. However, the first option of "online games" is the servers in Chinese Mainland and other regions. Maybe you can look forward to the official online service quality.

As for offline connectivity, this game not only supports traditional users to take turns using the mouse to operate and play, but also supports the integration of more controllers for operation, which is in line with the trend.

Overall, after learning from many previous games, the production team took Monopoly 11 one step closer to being a fun game with a more appropriate game rhythm and a better starting lineup.

Under the already mature gameplay of "Monopoly", it cannot bring more surprises and still has various minor flaws mentioned above, but at least it is a qualified work.

No introduction yet....

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